Localism, Narrative and Myth is a project funded by the AHRC looking at what the notion ‘local’ means to people. Together with Hilary Ramsden (UWE) I have been working in Bristol with storytellers Martin Maudsley and photographer Rebecca Bernstein in St Werburghs and Patchway to understand how residents understand 'the local'. Using these arts based interventions has been very powerful, triggering important ideas both about the presence and the absence of the local and where we might find it.

In Durham, Raksha Pande and Joe Painter have developed a second strand of this project, with photographs and a film (forthcoming) underpinning their analysis of what localism means. 

The final report is here, with a chapter "There is no local here, love" published in Dave O'Brien and Peter Matthews' edited collection After Urban Regeneration: Communities, policy and place (Policy Press: Bristol, 2015). 

Here is a presentation of the project at the Balsall Heath Biennale in July 2013.  To hear Martin's brilliant stories you can listen to him from 19:45 minutes in. 

 'The local is as far as I can cycle before breakfast' (Participant, Dorset)

'There is no local here, love' (Participant, Patchway, Bristol) 

Antonia Layard, University of Bristol. Contact.